I buy 1 dvd player for my truck. shipping and handling no comments

(their are a professionals) of course I keep buying from them.

I know this company is over sees but works. on the store my dvd player

with gps built in cost around $700 dollars and I get it for less than $300 dollars this dvd player is great is not that fancy brand like piooner,kenwood,etc. ahh quality and sound and video perfect. great quality service and quality is great customer service.their always answer my questions. I feel happy

thank you guys from chinavision.

I give them 10 stars

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I think this was written by one of their employees. English is poor.

to timtoolman #917077

*** *** think they can trick people.

Chinavasion is for morons. Buy there if you wish to be parted with your money for no good reason other than to test your IQ.

If I had resources, I would do everything in my human power to shut them down and bankrupt every *** person running that den.

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